Don’t Let the Deals Startle You … Goodwill is Your Halloween Headquarters

At Goodwill, bargains just jump out at you, but there’s nothing to fear. Halloween-themed merchandise can now be found in our 28 stores across Middle and West Tennessee. Each year, millions of people come to Goodwill to find the pieces they need to create amazing DIY Halloween costumes for less. Whether you are looking for the perfect white shirt to complete a pirate costume or a vintage gown to become a zombie princess, Goodwill has the clothing, shoes and accessories you need. You’ll also find plenty of Halloween-themed decor as well as some pre-assembled costumes. And the low everyday prices will have you baying at the moon.


  • Have some costume ideas in mind before you go shopping. The Internet is a great place to find inspiration for a do-it-yourself costume that will be uniquely you

  • Set aside time to shop, so you can find the pieces that work best for your costume.

  • Make a list of the items you need before going shopping. This will keep you focused on your costume (there’s a lot to see at Goodwill!) and also prevent you from forgetting a crucial item.

  • Use your imagination and keep an open mind — everyday clothing items and accessories can often be altered, resized or repurposed to create something entirely new.

  • Shop all sections of the store. Costume pieces for women can often be found in the men’s section, and vise-versa. Useful items and fabrics can also be found in the children’s section.

  • Shop Goodwill’s discounts, such as the 50 percent off color-of-the-week, to save even more money.

  • Don’t forget the rest of the store! Goodwill’s home goods and book sections are full of items that can be used or repurposed as costume props or Halloween decor!

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Get thrifty this Halloween and build your own costume with unique items from Goodwill.



Goodwill has a variety of harvest decorations to dress up your home in warm fall colors.



Find unique ideas for your Halloween costume and get makeup tutorials to complete your look.



    From Goodwill ➡️ Gilmore... we think @jessbeachin totally nailed her #DIYcostume!

  • Hocus Pocus

    🕯🎃🦓 Boo at the Zoo 🐅💀🕯 Sanderson Sister Style, we came to run amok and dance all night long!


    “People don’t come to see the tigers. They come to see me!” 🐅🐆🐅

  • Halloween Fireplace Mantle

    Vintage vibes for my fireplace mantle Halloween decorations and I bought almost everything secondhand, including...

  • Fleetwood Mac

    Throwback to last year’s Halloween costume. EVERYTHING thrifted from @giveit2goodwill 💙 I’m gonna share more of our...

  • Freddy Krueger

    Scary horror movie characters alway make a great costume

  • Clueless

    Happy Halloween! Just totally💁🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Eizabeth Swann

    Elizabeth Swann, holding the last Aztec gold medallion. || We had so much fun putting together this costume with items from @giveit2goodwill!

  • Diana Ross

    Serving up Diana Ross realness thanks to @giveit2goodwill and this dress that helped me achieve my transformation for my 3rd and final Halloween costume

  • Flash Gordon

    If you are Under Pressure you can call Ground Control and maybe they will be your Hero? Happy Halloween from Bowie and Tyler!

  • Kiddo Costumes

    We are so happy, it’s almost Fall 🍁🎃 We enjoyed getting into the spirit with this Birthday Girl!

  • Carl and Ellie

    Happy Halloween from Carl and Ellie! Adventure is out there! 🎈(Thanks to @giveit2goodwill for lots of help on these costumes!)

  • Halloween made easy at Goodwill

    Lu Branham always shops at Goodwill for her Halloween costumes, and claims it is the best place to...


    Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays for many reasons: going to themed parties, watching all the best...

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