Thurs., Oct. 19  • 5-8 p.m.
Goodwill Bellevue Store
7663 U.S. Highway 70 S

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(Middle Tenn.) — A dozen popular bloggers and DIY fashion experts will share their strategies for finding and assembling eye-catching outfits at bargain prices during the next Style with a Purpose Meet-Up — a special evening at Goodwill’s Bellevue community store in Nashville.

The free event will be from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19, at 7663 U.S. Highway 70 S. Everyone is welcome, from cost-conscious fashionistas to thrift-shopping newcomers.

Guests can enjoy interacting with the experts and get personalized advice to make shopping more fun and rewarding. They can also browse not only Goodwill’s shelves and garment racks but also merchandise especially selected by each blogger to reflect their unique style or shopping strategies. Refreshments will be served, and door prizes will be given away.

All purchases of merchandise from Goodwill’s stores benefit the nonprofit’s mission of changing lives through education, training and employment.

The first two Style with a Purpose events, held earlier this year at Goodwill’s East Nashville and Charlotte Ave. stores, drew hundreds of guests.

Goodwill anticipates even greater interest and attendance at the October event in Bellevue. A RSVP is requested on the form on this page, but not required to attend.

Style With a Purpose Bloggers Expected To Participate

Betsy Appleton •  Goldwill Digger

Description of Style: Betsy is a 20-something, navigating the waters of adulthood with champagne taste on a beer budget. Recreating fashion’s latest and greatest styles with the help of Goodwill.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: Betsy has been thrift shopping since she could walk but recently rekindled her love for Goodwill during her postgraduate quest to find her way through adulthood. She loves finding unique pieces at Goodwill for a fraction of retail and incorporating them into today’s styles for a one of a kind look.


Kim Baldwin •  The Blonde Mule

Description of Style: My style is Sally Jessy Raphael goes to Brooklyn. I’m a buttoned-up Gen X-er with a passion for emulating Bushwick street style. The Blonde Mule was born in 2007 as a way to document my life, pre social media. I work to create a space online that I would like to visit. If you’re interested in weird thrift store finds, cool women, and a reformed triathlete who now gets her cardio from dirty Zumba, you’re in the right place!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I come from a long line of women with the gift of thrift. As a child, every time I opened a gift from one of my grandmothers, I would ask my mom if it was from the “big G”, meaning Goodwill. I thrift for important reasons like sustainable fashion, and I thrift for fun reasons, like knowing no one else at the art crawl will be wearing what I’m wearing, or know where it came from. But mostly I like the challenge of recreating Instagram-worthy street style outfits for eight dollars.


Elisabeth Donaldson • 365DaysOfThrift

Description of Style: vintage inspired, fun and eclectic, my blog: saving the world with eternal thrifting, retro DIY’s and eco-fashion.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I have been thrift shopping literally for my entire life. ever since I cared about expressing my own personal style, I did it with thrifted clothing. goodwill is my favorite because of their amazing staff and dedication to giving others a hand up by providing jobs and job training.


Brittney Forrister • Brittlitt

Description of Style: My style is almost always a throwback with a modern twist and even at my dressiest, I throw in some tomboy. I asked a friend to answer this for me and she said, “Not your mama’s style, but also, kind of.”

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: Thrifting is the best way to ensure I’m going to show up to the party in something truly unique. I want my outfits, whether understated or dramatic, to stand-out and say something about me. If there was such a thing as the Goodwill Games, I’m confident I would be a true competitor. It’s a game for me – what can I find today and how can I style it in a way that is fresh and modern. I’m especially tied to vintage fashion and Goodwill is one of the best sources for finding items from bygone eras. And of course, you can’t beat the price.

Erin Hendrickson • MinimalistRD

Description of Style: My style is minimalist chic and ecofriendly. I love mixing and matching quality, environmentally friendly pieces in my rotating capsule wardrobe.  Although my wardrobe may be small, it’s far from boring and you can find plenty of capsule wardrobe styling ideas on my blog

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I inherited the ‘gift of thrift’ from my grandmother, who was never one to pass up a good thrift opportunity.  Shopping secondhand at Goodwill is the most budget friendly way to support sustainable fashion.  I love finding quality, USA made brands at Goodwill and knowing I’ve saved a garment from ending up in a landfill.  


Sheena Steward & Anthony Hutchinson • Love At Any Stage

Description of Style:

Sheena – My style is vintage chic. I often joke that I dress like a stylish grandma. I love shopping at Goodwill because it lets me express my unique style without breaking the bank. I’m also never worried that someone will have on the same clothing as me.
Anthony – My style is classic with an urban twist. I shop at Goodwill because I can find trendy items at affordable price.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill:

Sheena – I started thrifting in 2012 when I started a new job and needed business casual attire. I went for a few blouses and slacks, and I’ve been going ever since.
Anthony – I started shopping at Goodwill in college. I loved going to Goodwill for blazers. After my college days I drifted a bit from Goodwill, but when I started dating Sheena she brought me back in the fold.


Porsche Pope • Polished Pope

Description of Style: I am inspired by bold color, sophisticated lines, eclectic styles, and patterns. I started my fashion blog while being a mother of two children, two pups, a wife, and, entrepreneur who believes that you can look and feel like luxury without the high-priced fees. I desire to show Mothers around the world that you can be a great mother, work on your passion, and be stylish at the same time. I aspire to educate and provide inspiration to individuals around the world through my love for style, design, and food.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I have always had a passion for design and fashion which stems from years ago. Growing up I would take shopping trips to Goodwill with my grandmother. I would also stay up past midnight watching shows like ‘What Not to Wear’ and anything on the Style channel. My style is also influenced by my love for finding unique pieces at Goodwill. I love Goodwill’s mission and how they give back to the community. Polished Pope’s mission isn’t too far off from what Goodwill believes in. My mission is to teach others how to feel confident in themselves and their spaces so that they are equipped to go out and positively impact their world.


Jamie Germain & Ashanti Smoot • Sashé Online

Description of Style: Our unique styles, contemporary classic and vintage chic, complement each other and are sure to give you what you need. We believe style isn’t limited to what you see on models or in glossy magazines but inspired by what you are drawn to and how you feel. There are no limits!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: We both were raised by thrifty parents. We have been shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores since we were kids, before it became a trend. We love shopping at Goodwill because it’s full of hidden treasures such as good quality staple pieces, name brands, and eclectic orignals. We believe that every woman is beautiful and when you feel good in your own skin, what you wear only adds to your masterpiece. Furthermore, we enjoy supporting the cause that Goodwill provides by giving back to the community including, career solutions and job placement services.


Audrey Rhodes • Affectionately Audrey

Description of Style: Fashion is a way of expressing who I am and who I want to be. I love to explore new ideas and my mind is constantly pushing the boundaries of style. I believe that anyone can be stylish, it just takes confidence and a little guidance, which I humbly attempt to give on my blog by encouraging others to be themselves and neglect what is expected of them. My style is funky, with a classic feel and usually includes multiple wild patterns and colors!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: The initial love for thrifting was passed down from my mother, although she never really used it to pursue fashion. When I later discovered by own passion for style I began to further explore the use of thrifting and have never looked back. I love to thrift not only because it provides me with the most unique and fun pieces to add to my wardrobe but it is also a way to recycle and love our planet. When people express love for my outfits I adore shocking them and breaking their preconceived notions by telling them I got it at Goodwill!


Payton Taylor • Music City Pretty

Description of Style: “Women Who Wear Black Lead Colorful Lives.” – Neiman Marcus. Stage wardrobe on a tip-bucket-budget. My name is Payton Taylor and I’m a singer/songwriter here in Nashville, TN. Thrifting was passed down to me growing up, so its no surprise my thrift finds found their way into my onstage-looks. The blog “Music City Pretty”, became my place to share my thrifted treasures and stage ensembles while celebrating the music and city I love. Every Wednesday, you can hear me on “NASH Fashion” during the “Nashville Today” show on the legendary Grand Ole Opry station, 650AM WSM. We’ll talk the latest in Nashville style and usually how to recreate Nashville trends for less!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: Shopping at Goodwill has always been a family tradition. Every weekend as a child, my grandfather, like Santa Claus, would take lists of toys we wanted and return home with Goodwill bags full of everything we had asked for. When I first took the stage at 12, my mom would take me thrifting at Goodwill to find looks that would be one-of-a-kind. My mom inherited his love of thrifting and soon passed it on to me.  As an artist, your style goes hand in hand with your sound. Because my music is always changing, so is my style and Goodwill is the perfect answer to my ever-evolving closet. I can always find something new and different at Goodwill. As I change out my closet, I frequently donate,  all while supporting Goodwill’s incredible mission within the Nashville area. Each piece from Goodwill always has a story, and creating new stories in my finds sparks inspiration. 

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