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Career Scoop: Clients on the Management TRAC

Heather Featherstone, Career Solutions Trainer

The goal of the TRAC II program is to prepare entry level workers who show promise for career advancement to a higher position that require supervisory level skills. Those skills include interaction management, problem-solving and leadership skills.

The course of this class covers understanding personal management style and preferred management style. The goal is to not only learn basic supervisory skills, but to aspire to be a great manager! Anyone can take on a title, but it truly takes someone exceptional to make the big differences.

This five-day training program is an entry level view into management and a model to change the personal performance mindset into a leadership, problem-solving mindset.

Lori Patterson and Jennie Overall of Union City are two shining examples of TRAC II successes! Lori was hired as a Career Solutions assistant immediately out of TRAC II and has done an outstanding job in her new role! Jennie Overall, after receiving the necessary supervisory training through TRAC II, was hired as a general manager of Generations – a local Union City restaurant.

TRAC II is a valuable and necessary class for anyone wishing to change his or her role and aspire become a leader. This course provides workers the opportunity and confidence to broaden and attain their professional goals.

Learn more about this fun and interactive class.


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