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Popular bloggers and DIY fashion experts will share their strategies for finding and assembling eye-catching outfits at bargain prices during the next Style with a Purpose Meet-Up — a special evening at Goodwill’s store in Antioch.

The free event will be from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 3540 Murfreesboro Rd • Antioch, TN 37013

Everyone is welcome, from cost-conscious fashionistas to thrift-shopping newcomers. Guests can enjoy interacting with the experts and get personalized advice to make shopping more fun and rewarding. They can also browse not only Goodwill’s shelves and garment racks but also merchandise especially selected by each blogger to reflect their unique style or shopping strategies. Refreshments will be served, and door prizes will be given away.

All purchases of merchandise from Goodwill’s stores benefit the nonprofit’s mission of changing lives through education, training and employment.

A RSVP using the form on this page is requested but not required to attend.

Style With a Purpose Bloggers Expected To Participate

Kina Albritton •  Kina of Her Personal Style

Description of Style: My Instagram is HerPersonalStyle. The name is a great representation of my style, because my sense of fashion is a range from minimalist to maximist. I dress according to my mood for the day and love expressing myself through fashion. As I grow my platform, I want to exhibit how everyone shows off their personal style through fashion as well.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I actually started thrifting when I moved to Nashville in 2013. I would compliment my co-worker all the time, and her response would simply be, “I got it at Goodwill!” One day I decided to give it a try, despite all the stereotypes of thrifting. I instantly fell in love, because the store had a variety of everything I wore and the prices were unbelievable. It’s crazy, because fashion trends are in constant rotation. Nowadays, I check Goodwill stores before going to the mall to find one-of-a-kind items. The thrill of a search for great finds keeps me coming back for more!

Betsy Appleton  • Goldwill Digger

Description of Style: Betsy is a 20-something, navigating the waters of adulthood with champagne taste on a beer budget and recreating fashion’s latest and greatest styles with the help of Goodwill.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: Betsy has been thrift shopping since she could walk but recently rekindled her love for Goodwill during her postgraduate quest to find her way through adulthood. She loves finding unique pieces at Goodwill for a fraction of retail and incorporating them into today’s styles for a one of a kind look.


Brinn Black •

Description of Style:My style is “Eccentric Chic.” I love statement pieces, and especially vintage statement pieces. You can dress them up or down. My usual go-to is taking a vintage statement top or jacket and mixing it with a denim bottom, for a fun, every day look.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: When I was little, my mom used to take me “Goodwilling” with her on the weekends. We always checked Goodwill for everything we needed before going to any other stores. Living on a public school teacher’s salary, and being a single mom of three girls, she had to make the most of every dollar she had. “Goodwilling” quickly became a fun thing for us to do together, while being an avenue to provide us with all the things we needed and making us feel like we didn’t have to go without. Now as an adult, I still outfit my life from shopping at Goodwill, and when I’m on the road traveling, I love to find a Goodwill in every city we go to and treasure-hunt before the show. I’ve found some great treasures that way!


Shana Berkeley • The Fashion Chase

Description of Style: I am your neighborhood stylist, your stylist next door, teaching you to rock the trends in your REAL WORLD! My style inspiration comes from living in the opposites of creative and corporate. I strive to make my outfits simultaneously professional and expressive. I describe my style as glamour with an urban flair. I LIVE for a crop top and buy just about everything that has gold sequins!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: My mother and godmother are the best thrifters that ever lived. I used to HATE to go to the thrift store with them because that meant we would be there for hours (although I HAPPILY accepted the treasures they found!). As I got older and decided to experiment with my personal style, I started going to Goodwill to both donate and see what styles, cuts and colors spoke to me. I pride myself on always “slaying the scene” when I go out, so thrifting guaranteed me no one else would be wearing my outfit. When thrifting, I go for pieces that are modern and unique. I LOVE vintage belts and find that the majority of my work clothes are thrifted — which allows me more money to spend on after work adventures!


Elisabeth Donaldson • Elisabeth Donaldson Creative

Description of Style: My style is vintage-inspired, fun and eclectic. My blog is all about saving the world with eternal thrifting, retro DIY’s and eco-fashion.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I have been thrift shopping literally for my entire life. Ever since I cared about expressing my own personal style, I did it with thrifted clothing. Goodwill is my favorite because of their amazing staff and dedication to giving others a hand up by providing jobs and job training.


Leah Ellzey • Ellzey On A Dime

Description of Style: My style is sophisticated, classy and chic! My style transitions from the office to a fun night on the town. I love to wear bright, bold colors with stiletto heels! My style represents my friendly and  outgoing personality, it’s my introduction of “hello!”

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I started thrifting my freshman year of college to keep me on a budget while also staying fashionable! Shopping at Goodwill helps me to get creative with each look without overspending. Every dollar I spend at Goodwill is paid forward to help the community with job placements and improve their quality of life. Just knowing I can make a difference with every purchase makes me smile!


Marissa Lunsford FlyyGirl Fashions

Description of Style: My style is a mix of girly and glam! I like all things shiny and sparkly, and I love for my clothes to make the statement for me. My blog is all about bringing out the glam in all “flyy” girls and encouraging women to always be the best version of themselves.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I started thrifting at Goodwill in college! I loved to stay stylish but had to do so on a budget. Goodwill was, and still is, the perfect go-to place to accomplish those goals!


Meaghan McBell The Glam Granola Girl

Description of Style: I would describe my style as a modern take on boho chic. You can usually find me rocking colorful prints, flowing dresses or a good pair of jeans. I recently started my blog to combine my passion for beautiful clothing and the great outdoors. I spend my weekends rock-climbing and camping, but I also enjoy styling outfits.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I started thrifting when I was in high school and there was a local thrift shop down the street. I loved finding things that let me express myself in a unique way. Goodwill always helps me expand my personal style. I always find unique things that I couldn’t find in any other store. I also recently started making jackets by combining different patterns I find at Goodwill. It has been a wonderful, creative outlet for me.


Porsche Pope • Polished Pope

Description of Style: I am inspired by bold color, sophisticated lines, eclectic styles and patterns. I started my fashion blog while being a mother of two children and two pups, a wifeand an entrepreneur who believes that you can look and feel luxurious without the high-priced fees. I desire to show mothers around the world that you can be a great mother, work on your passion and be stylish at the same time. I aspire to educate and provide inspiration to individuals around the world through my love for style, design and food.

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: I have always had a passion for design and fashion. Growing up I would take shopping trips to Goodwill with my grandmother. I would also stay up past midnight watching shows like “What Not to Wear” and anything on the Style channel. My style is also influenced by my love for finding unique pieces at Goodwill. I love Goodwill’s mission and how they give back to the community. Polished Pope’s mission isn’t too far off from what Goodwill believes in. My mission is to teach others how to feel confident in themselves and their spaces, so that they are equipped to go out and positively impact their world.


Audrey Rhodes • Affectionately Audrey

Description of Style: Fashion is a way of expressing who I am and who I want to be. I love to explore new ideas, and my mind is constantly pushing the boundaries of style. I believe that anyone can be stylish, it just takes confidence and a little guidance, which I humbly attempt to give on my blog by encouraging others to be themselves and neglect what is expected of them. My style is funky with a classic feel and usually includes multiple wild patterns and colors!

Why Thrifting/Why Goodwill: The initial love for thrifting was passed down from my mother, although she never really used it to pursue fashion. When I later discovered my own passion for style, I began to further explore the use of thrifting and have never looked back. I love to thrift not only because it provides me with the most unique and fun pieces to add to my wardrobe, but it is also a way to recycle and love our planet. When people express love for my outfits, I adore shocking them and breaking their preconceived notions by telling them “I got it at Goodwill!”


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