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Career Coaching

Goodwill’s Career Solutions Centers are staffed by highly skilled Career Coaches who provide free, one-on-one services for job-seekers to help them overcome barriers to employment, acquire new skills and pursue rewarding careers. These services begin with a listening ear and proceed with a holistic approach and straight-forward guidance designed to lead clients toward long-term success in the workplace.


Coaching services include:

  • Facilitating interest profile assessments to help job-seekers select a career path well-suited to their interests and abilities.
  • Assisting job-seekers in applying for IDs or other documentation needed for employment which they may be lacking.
  • Referring job-seekers to any community resources that may be needed, such as assistance with food, housing or transportation.
  • Helping job-seekers explore any barriers to employment they may face, such as a disability, skills gap or history of incarceration, and develop strategies to overcome them.
  • Creating a service plan that details goals, sets expectations and lays out the exact steps required for success.
  • Helping job-seekers to identify any training or education needed to achieve their career goals and to enroll in those programs — whether they are Goodwill training programs or those of a community partner, such as a community college or vocational center.
  • Providing job-seekers with an updated list of available positions with dozens of local employers — including job descriptions and salaries — and helping them determine which jobs might be best suited for them.
  • Hosting regular job fairs that connect job-seekers directly with hiring employers.
  • Assisting job-seekers in completing job applications and other paperwork, as needed.
  • Guiding job-seekers through creation of a resume.
  • Helping job-seekers prepare for interviews.
  • Assisting in the use of Goodwill’s computers and other available equipment available to job-seekers, including phones and copiers.

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