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I taught my daughters well.
Oh, at first they didn’t think so.
Go in that store, the one with
old paintings in the window?
Used clothes?
Someone else’s shoes?

But then one day, I imagine
on a tight budget and with
a need for something or other–
or maybe just curiosity took her–
my daughter found a sale.

I don’t know what it was
but she went back. And back.
It’s something between us, a secret
(not too well kept).

Yesterday it was time for me.
I had stayed away for a while.
It was really cold outside and my coat was too tight
I think was the reason. No matter.

After a while I wandered back where
I always go–to the books, the books.
There, though I rarely have, I found a book of poems.

A new friend.
Ah, the magic at the Goodwill.

 By Carol Roberts, Nashville

Read the Spring 2016 edition of The Ambassador – Goodwill’s quarterly magazine which provides readers with stories of events, activities and the inspiring stories of how Goodwill is changing lives

Nashville-area resident Carol Roberts submitted the above poem, “Magic at the Goodwill,” for publication here, saying that she wrote it as she thought about “how much help Goodwill has provided, and how much fun it has been for me and my daughter — now grown with children of her own — over the years.” Roberts has been leading poetry groups since 2012 and currently leads a support group in Nashville using poetry as a catalyst to conversation, writing and change. Learn more about Carol and her group on her blog:


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