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Mission Possible: Barry Williams Visits and Experiences the Power of the Goodwill Mission

David Lifsey, President and CEO

It is interesting to interact with people who think they know about Goodwill, but who learn they don’t know the whole story.  It is also fun to see the surprise in their eyes when they see what we do.

A good example occurred when Barry Williams, Greg from the popular TV show “The Brady Bunch” toured our Goodwill earlier this year.  As we were riding down in the elevator at our plant, I asked Mr. Williams what he knew about Goodwill.  Like most people, he was familiar with us as a place to donate clothes and other items, and he knew we operated stores where people could find bargains.  Once we walked through the door into the plant, all he could say was, “Wow!”

He was surprised and pleased to learn of our mission, and how you work hard each day to open doors of opportunity for people who want and need a chance.  It was also clear he felt good about his donations to Goodwill in his home city of Los Angeles.  He enjoyed meeting many of our employees and graciously signed autographs while he was walking through the plant.

What we do in Goodwill is important.  Providing a chance for each of us to work is right up there as one of the most important things a business can do. Work provides for independence.  If you are earning your way in life you have more freedom to choose what you will do than if you are dependent on someone else for your money.  It is important that we make sure people know about us and our mission.  The more an individual knows, the better they feel about donating or shopping.

It was nice to meet Mr. Williams because of his “star power”.  It was even nicer to see him come to appreciate the power of the Goodwill Mission.

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