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No More Lost Receipts: Track Your Goodwill Donations Online

Tax return preparation is difficult enough without having to rifle through the glove box of your car in search of that elusive charitable donation receipt.

It’s an unpleasant task donors to Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee no longer need to worry about. In early August, the organization rolled out a new way to electronically track donations for tax purposes, while getting a discount on haircuts in the bargain.

Since early August, instead of handing out receipts that can be easily lost, attendants at Goodwill’s Donations Express Centers have been giving donors a flier directing them to a website — mygoodwilldonation.org — where they can log their donations throughout the year. They can also retrieve information on all their donations when needed and print it out to get a tax deduction from the IRS.

“When the donations attendant hands you a flier, you just follow the directions in blue box on front, go online, create a profile and start logging your donations,” Donations Specialist Jamie Goss explained. “It’s really easy.”

While a few other Goodwills around the country have an online receipt program, Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee is the first to partner with a business — Great Clips — to defray costs of its program. This allows more money from donations to be channeled toward Goodwill’s mission of providing job training and opportunities to those with barriers to employment.

The partnership also gives donors an opportunity to save some money by using a coupon on the flier to get a $9.99 haircut at Great Clips in Middle and West Tennessee. When donors register online to track their donations they can get an additional coupon for a family member.

Goss said donors who are not computer savvy or don’t have online access shouldn’t worry. Goodwill donation attendants can still provide them with a traditional receipt upon request.

Read the Summer 2015 edition of The Ambassador – Goodwill’s quarterly magazine which provides readers with stories of events, activities and the inspiring changes Goodwill is making in the lives of others.

About Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc.

For more than 55 years Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee has provided job training and job placement free of charge to people with disabilities or other barriers to employment through the sale of donated items. In 2014, Goodwill served 28,159 people in Middle and West Tennessee and placed 9.558 people in jobs. More information about Goodwill’s Career Solutions, retail stores and donation centers can be obtained online at  www.giveit2goodwill.org or by calling 1-800-545-9231

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  • Stephanie
    Posted at 11:01h, 29 October Reply

    Good morning,

    I am unable to find the login on https://giveit2goodwill.org/donation-receipt/- where is it on the page?

  • Erica Marlin
    Posted at 08:40h, 29 January Reply

    Could you tell me the DEC ID for these two locations please?

    4183 Franklin Road Suite 13B Victory Villeage Plaza Murfreesboro TN 37128 US
    108 Lane Parkway Shelbyville TENNESSEE 37160

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 18:54h, 19 October Reply

    I donated at the Goodwill in Dickson, TN, and they wrote in the DEC ID as “317”. This doesn’t appear to be correct, can you please give me the correct DEC ID? Thanks!

  • Terry White
    Posted at 21:05h, 04 March Reply

    I donated today to the DEC at 710 Memorial Blvd Ste 180 Murfreesboro TENNESSEE 37129, but no DEC ID was written on my receipt. What is the ID for that location, please?

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 11:34h, 05 March Reply

      Terry, the DEC code for that location is MBS. Thank you for your donation!

  • KaLynda Sweitzer
    Posted at 18:51h, 11 February Reply

    I donated to the Goodwill On Gallatin Pike in Madison TN and I am unable to read the DEC ID on the card. Can you help me out?

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 09:40h, 24 February Reply

      KaLynda, that is our Rivergate store location and the DEC ID is: RIV. Thank you for your donation!

  • Ashley Briggs
    Posted at 19:55h, 02 September Reply

    I cannot make out the DEC ID for the Hermitage Location at 4101 Lebanon Pike!

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 07:37h, 16 September Reply

      Ashley, it should be HMS-T. Try that and let us know.

  • Samuel Panter
    Posted at 17:54h, 05 August Reply

    I cannot make out the DEC ID for Franklin TN center on Hillsboro rd. Looks like FR??

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 07:37h, 19 August Reply

      Sam, that code is FKS. Thank you for donating to Goodwill!

  • Kayce Reid
    Posted at 19:56h, 14 May Reply

    Hello–I donated at the Goodwill store at 780 Berry Road, Nashville, 37204, but the flier about online tax receipts is blank in the “DEC ID” field. Can you tell me the DEC ID for that Goodwill store, please? Thanks very much.

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 07:59h, 15 May Reply

      Hi Kayce, the three digit id for that donation center is – BRS

  • adrian
    Posted at 08:22h, 10 April Reply

    I donated in the McDonough, GA location, but I lost the receipt. How can I generate a new one for tax purposes?

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 07:55h, 22 April Reply

      Hi Adrian, you have contacted Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. We are not affiliated with the Goodwills in the State of Georgia. You can call them at (770) 957-4311 to get help with your lost receipt.

  • Jennifer Shea Hodge
    Posted at 14:12h, 04 April Reply

    Mine doesnt have a Dec ID what do I do?

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 09:24h, 08 April Reply

      Hi, what DEC location did you donate to? We can send you a location ID if you let us know the donation center.

  • AVS
    Posted at 20:05h, 01 July Reply

    Neither one of my donation tickets contain at DEC ID that is legible? I had a donation in April and then today too!

    • GoodwillMTN
      Posted at 10:00h, 02 July Reply

      Please reply here and let us know where you donated and we will send you the correct code for those donation locations.

  • Dr James J Kostinas
    Posted at 14:24h, 19 February Reply

    Can I just get the dates that I gave something to Goodwill?

    • Candace Newson
      Posted at 12:52h, 22 February Reply

      Hi Dr. Kostinas. The Donation Express Centers do not keep a record of individual donations and dates.

  • Alene Edmonson
    Posted at 15:56h, 17 February Reply

    Where do I Create a New Account?

    • Candace Newson
      Posted at 16:03h, 17 February Reply

      Hi Alene. Please visit https://mygoodwilldonation.org/ to create a new account and start tracking your Goodwill donations online.

  • Thersa Graham
    Posted at 12:25h, 05 November Reply

    How do I know what to value the items I am donating? Do you have a listing online to help with this?

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