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Shopper’s Generosity is Music to Employees’ Ears

A customer at the Goodwill store on Indian Lake Boulevard in Hendersonville put a new spin on supporting the not-for-profit.

Store Manager Anna Lindsey said the man bought an old Sound Design record turntable from the store’s electronics section in late June or early July.

“He told me he was purchasing this turn-table because he loved restoring old things like this.  He also stated he was a regular customer of Goodwill and loved shopping here,” she recalled.

On July 12, the man showed up at the store’s Donation Express Center, where he donated the same record player back to the store, fully restored and cleaned.

Though he didn’t leave his name, the anonymous customer/donor left a note with the record player that read, in part, “My hope is that it might fetch a higher price this second time around with additional revenues going to an organization which serves our community so faithfully.”

He ended the note with a message for the future buyer: “Please enjoy it and share it with someone less fortunate when you no longer need it. Blessings, TW.”

Lindsey and her staff found the customer’s gesture inspiring.

“We were really amazed at his generosity and pleased that a customer sees what we are working to accomplish with this organization,” she said.

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About Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc.

For more than 55 years Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee has provided job training and job placement free of charge to people with disabilities or other barriers to employment through the sale of donated items. In 2014, Goodwill served 28,159 people in Middle and West Tennessee and placed 9.558 people in jobs. More information about Goodwill’s Career Solutions, retail stores and donation centers can be obtained online at  www.giveit2goodwill.org or by calling 1-800-545-9231

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