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Working for Goodwill is pretty awesome, he said with a big smile on his face. I love it here. It’s like heaven on earth.

When Stephen started working at the Columbia Goodwill store in 2005, he was quiet and shy, but you’d never know it if you met him today. “Stephen never meets a stranger, and he never forgets a name,” said Becky Kelly, the manager at Goodwill’s Columbia store. “He goes out of his way to greet every shopper with a smile and a hello.”

Although Stephen works vigorously at his janitorial job by mopping the floors and cleaning the windows, it’s his contagious smile and positive attitude that really makes the store shine. “Stephen never has a bad day,” she said. “He is just a joy to be around. When he comes in to work with that smile on his face, it makes everyone around him happy.”

Making others happy is what Stephen does best, but it’s not the only quality that makes him stand out.

“We can always count on Stephen,” said Kelly. “In nine years, he’s never missed a day of work.”

While Stephen enjoys what he does, he said the people are the best part about Goodwill. “Just because I’m different doesn’t mean you should treat me different,” he said. “I love the customers and they love me. My co-workers are like family.”

After nine years at Goodwill, Stephen can’t imagine working anywhere else. “Working for Goodwill is pretty awesome,” he said with a big smile on his face. “I love it here. It’s like heaven on earth.”

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