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The Latest Career Scoop: Serving up Trained Clients with a Side of Success

Jerry Richardson, Contact Center Lead

Have you ever called the 1-800 number on the back of your debit or credit card?  Or have you ever dialed 611 from your cell phone?  If you have, then you’ve likely spoken to someone working in one of those company’s call centers.  It’s much easier to pick up a phone to call customer service, rather than visit your bank or a retailer for basic information.  It also can be comforting to know that whether early in the morning or late a night, a customer service agent is waiting to help you with any concerns or requests you may have, in some cases 24/7.  It’s convenient.  And that’s why call centers have flourished.

Convenience also brings certain expectations from customers.  Courtesy, easy resolution of issues and ending the phone call feeling that the company is really concerned with our concerns.

Companies go to great lengths researching not only what customers want and need, but also how customers want these needs addressed.  A satisfied customer is a customer who will continue to do business with the company.  So how do you provide world class customer service?  Goodwill!

Goodwill’s Contact Center Training program prepares participants for work in a call center environment with extensive training that focuses on learning to maneuver a computer system in a phone environment, while problem solving and providing the highest level of customer service.  This training program was designed to assist entry level workers gain the knowledge and experience needed to thrive in a call center career path.  Goodwill’s program has a real world element, as trainees spend time discussing communication skills, participating in role playing exercises, observing and discussing live calls, and finally taking live calls in a controlled environment.  There are also a series of knowledge check points throughout the course of this training.  Calls are monitored and graded just like in any typical call center environment.

Our training focuses on preparing workers to meet attendance expectations.  A common goal of many call centers is to make their facility ‘the best place to work’ so a great deal is invested in creating a workplace that is not only successful, but also staffed with the best possible candidates.  Working in a Call Center can offer stability, fulfillment, many rewards, and opportunities for advancement and requires multi-tasking while staying calm and authoritative

Well, our goal is to help those who really want to work in the call center customer service field, are serious about obtaining a job and starting a career in a call center.  Similar to any company’s hiring process, enrolling in Goodwill’s contact center training program is extensive and requires pre-assessment before being considered for class. The pre-assessment includes a typing test, basic computer skills and a series of problem-solving questions. Those who pass the pre-assessment then take part in an interview process before being accepted.

How successful are our graduates?  Luis began Contact Center Training in March of 2011 and in June of 2011 he was hired by a local Call Center as a bilingual customer service representative.  So how do you get started in this exciting, challenging, and rewarding program?  Learn more.

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