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Three Tips On Dressing For Success From A ‘Funky Fashionista’

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” — Pablo Picasso

Nashville fashion blogger Audrey Rhodes recently said on her website that she aims “to be one of the most oddly dressed people in any room.” With that in mind, you might not expect to hear Audrey giving advice on how to dress on the job.

But this “funky fashionista,” as Nashville Arts Magazine called her in a recent profile, has more than one surprise up her multi-colored sleeve. For example, before moving to Nashville in 2014, she wore a uniform as a member of the Warner Robins, Ga., police force for nine years.

Now Audrey makes it her mission to style and create outfits that inspire others to “be bold and believe not only in themselves, but what they are capable of accomplishing.” She also loves showing people how to find bargains while helping Goodwill’s mission of changing lives through education, training and employment. So she jumped at the chance to participate in a video on workplace style with Goodwill.

“I think you can take your wild side and adapt it into being professional but still fun at work,” she said. “No one wants to wear the same thing every day.”

Audrey offers three tips to help women dress for success:

Mixing prints/colors:

“Mixing prints and colors is not as scary as it looks, and once you master the skill, stopping is nearly impossible. Start with something simple, like black-and-white stripes or colorful polka dots. Adding in these prints/colors will give a little flavor and diversity to your typical black pant and white shirt ensemble and make your work-wear outfits a little more fun!”


“Change up the way you layer. Instead of just always sticking to the same old cardigan over your white top, take a sheer overlay and wear it over a fun print or colored shirt with a pair of black cigarette pants. Or wear a pair of colored tights with a black skirt and white button-down layered underneath a sweater!”


Don’t be afraid to play around with jewelry! There are plenty of pieces you can add to your outfit that are fun but still sophisticated and chic. Wearing fun earrings and bracelets or a snazzy pair of shoes with a simple outfit will help add flare to your ensemble without going overboard.”

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