Danny’s Story

For most people, there is one obvious reason to have a job: a paycheck.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  We have to be able to provide for our loved ones and ourselves.  Clothing, food, shelter—these things aren’t free.

Danny is no different.  He needs money.  He has to eat.  He wants a roof over his head.   But Danny gets something from his job that he finds more valuable than the money he earns.

After being released from prison, Danny found it very difficult to find a job.  It goes without saying why many employers would avoid hiring someone with a past like Danny’s, and Danny knew that people would find it hard to trust him.

That’s the beautiful thing about Goodwill.  It’s the vehicle Danny needed to prove he is trustworthy.  Goodwill gave him the chance to work, to be a part of the community and to become a leader.  His superiors at work trust him.  Those who he supervises trust him.  With that, Danny has earned more than his paycheck.  He has earned what many employers before would not give him.

Thanks to the generous offerings of the many donors here in Middle and West Tennessee, Danny has been given acceptance.

Watch Danny’s story:

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