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Tips for DIY Halloween At Goodwill

Attention, Goodwill shoppers! My name is Andria and I’m a Halloween addict. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been a big fan of the spooky holiday but not a big fan of the price tag that comes along with it. 

Every Fall, the pop-up Halloween stores show up armed to take your money for unoriginal plastic bag costumes and massed produced décor. I think we can agree, it’s fun to be festive but not if it costs an arm and a leg (pun intended). Check out my Goodwill shopping tips below so you can DIY your way to Spooktacular savings this Halloween. 

1. Don’t be afraid to explore the Curtain & Table Cloth Section(s)

Table Cloths or Curtains can be used as: Capes, hoods, veils, (or spooky tablecloths)
Costume Ideas: Bride, Nun, Vampire, Super Hero

2. The KIDS Clothing has the best costume accessories 

Children’s tutus can be used as: neck ruffles
Costume Ideas: Clown, Victorian Era, Jester

Last Halloween I dressed as a Clown and used a childrens tutu as a neck ruffle because it had tulle-a-plenty! If the skirt is too big and gaps around your neck just fasten it with a safety pin. 

3. Books can be used to spice up any Table setting

Grab the oldest looking paperback you can find (bonus if it’s a thriller) and soak the pages in a sink filled with black tea bags and hot water to stain them. This will give them an old vintage look. When they are done drying you can use them as decor for your Halloween table or bar display. 

I was able to use this tip along with tip #3 to revamp my table décor this year. I also added some silk flowers I found in the holiday section for a pop of color. 


4. Explore ALL sizes!

Don’t make the mistake of sticking to one rack. The more you explore the better chance you have of finding what you need to complete your costume. Sometimes the best additions are hiding in the places you’d least expect. And keep in mind clothing sizing can vary by brand.

A few years ago I wanted to dress up like a Ringleader but all of the coats I found online ranged from $25-$150. I found a beautiful red hi-low jacket in a size 6P (I’m an 8/10) and made it work by keeping it unbuttoned. I added on some feathers and ribbon I purchased from the craft store and my total cost was under $20! 

5. When in doubt paint it or dye it….

Found a monster mask but want to be unique? Paint it.
Found the perfect costume but it’s not the right color? Dye it.
Found some spooky table décor but it doesn’t all match? Paint it.
Not finding exactly what you need? Break out your creativity and add some paint or dye to perfect your costume or home décor. 

This Halloween I am dressing as Beetlejuice and in order to nail the look I chose to DIY his iconic suit. I found a black suit with small white stripes and used painters tape and fabric color spray to create larger stripes. The great thing about this costume is even if you aren’t great with crafts you can’t mess up! The lines do not need to be straight and having an irregular pattern and overspray just makes it more true to character.

Step 1: Painter’s tape helps provide a Beetlejuice look. Step 2: Follow with fabric paint on Beetlejuice costume. Step 3: Allow to dry and remove tape for Beetlejuice look. Viola!





Shop the Goodwill Outlet and give yourself a few hours to explore. Clothing is sold by weight so you can really make your budget go a long way. You can find almost anything you need there if you’re willing to dig for it. Notes: Bring hand sanitizer and your own reusable shopping bags.

With a little creativity, any type of costume can be budget friendly. And if you’re reading this, you’re already behind. Drop what you’re doing, get in your car, and drive to the closest Goodwill for all your DIY costume and décor needs!

Take a peek at our Halloween 2017 DIY Costume Guide above and visit your local Goodwill to craft a one-of-a kind costume this year.


Andria Goodrow is a New England native that enjoys all things Halloween (even on the off seasons). When she’s not home in Nashville she’s traveling the world on Music Tours Coordinating VIP Programs for artists. In her free time she enjoys crafting, hanging out with her two cats, and planning her upcoming wedding with her fiancé. Spoiler alert: It will be on Halloween 2020! You can keep up with Andria’s adventures on her Instagram at @andria_goodrow and if you’re into the spooky side of Halloween, try her Special Effects Makeup and Craft account at @Foxy.Horror. 

Find the perfect Halloween costume at a Goodwill store near you  

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