About Career Solutions

Goodwill’s 8 Career Solutions Centers that provide job training and job placement services for individuals who are unemployed and/or who may need assistance with the job search process. The centers, located in Middle and West Tennessee, are staffed with a certified counselor and administrative staff who provide job readiness training, career plan development and occupational skills training to help individuals enhance their skills and prepare them for jobs in their communities. Goodwill Career Solutions staff partners with over 3,018 businesses who are actively seeking and hiring employees. In 2015, the Career Solutions staff assisted more than 15,412 Tennesseans to become employed. The majority of services offered in a center are free-of-charge, thanks to the generosity of Goodwill’s donors and shoppers.

Who We Serve

Goodwill Career Solutions Counselors help thousands of Tennesseans every month in their search for a job. The certified counselors help individuals who are unemployed or underemployed, and who have difficulty finding and keeping a job. The individuals served may be unemployed due to a layoff or company downsizing, may have had a long absence from work, may have a disability or may have a criminal background. Others may lack a GED or specialized occupation skills needed by local businesses. The counselors work one-on-one with each participant to determine his or her strengths, abilities and interests to gently lead him or her to a career path, and then the counselor recommends training to enhance existing skills. The goal is to make the best match possible for the participant and the business community.

Finding A Job – How It Works

Connect & Assess

(1.) Call Career Solutions
at 1 (800) 545-9231 or visit your local Career Solutions Center.

(2.) Intake Call:
During your call you will provide information about yourself and learn more about our services.

(3.) O’ Net Assessment:
You will visit your local Goodwill Career Solutions Center to participate in the O’ Net assessment on the computer. It helps the counselor gain greater knowledge about your interests.

Plan & Train

(4.) One-on-One Counseling:
You will discuss your abilities and interests with a career counselor, create a plan of action together and start working toward employment.

(5.) Basic Computer Skills Class:
Everyone who participates in our program must attend a one-day basic computer class.

(6.) Job Readiness Class:
This class will help you brush up your job-seeking skills, including searching and applying for jobs online, interviewing, dressing for success and creating a résumé.

Job Search & Find

(7.) Job Leads:
Staff will provide you with job leads that match your interests and abilities

(8.) Job Jam:
Weekly group meeting to discuss and share information about your job search

(9.) Job Retention:
Once you are employed, the counselor will check in with you over the next 90 days to see how you are progressing at your new job.

Job Training & Services

Job Placement

Job Placement



Job Fairs

Job Fairs

Transitional Employment

Transitional Employment

Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

Career Solutions Locations

All Centers Open: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Let us help staff your business

Partner with Career Solutions and Find Your Next Star Employee

Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc., is one of the largest employers in Middle and West Tennessee, with over 2,000 employees reporting to work every day—proof that we know the importance of staffing a growing organization. Through programs and services provided by our 30 Career Solution Centers, not only were we responsible for staffing our own organization, we helped an additional 28,159 individuals with career services and placed 9,558 job seekers find jobs with more than 1,700 businesses throughout the 48 Tennessee counties we serve, in 2014.


Partner Benefits

Candidate Knowledge

Our counselors and trainers get to know the people we serve through one-on-one career planning, training and assessment of skills and abilities. This then allows us to recommend the proper course of action and ultimately create the perfect job match between you and the job seeker.

Qualified Candidates

Career Solutions has a wealth of potential employees for your organization who are trained, pre-screened and will meet the requirements and qualifications to successfully perform on the job. Once a placement is made, our counselors will remain in contact with your business and your new hire to ensure a successful placement.

Save Time and Money

Unlike many for-profit staffing agencies, Career Solutions services, such as hosted job fairs, are free of charge. Our Career Solution Centers can be used for any large/small group settings and private interviews, training sessions in our large computer labs, and networking/advertising, saving your company money, time and the additional burden of culling through hundreds of applicants.

Help Change Lives

It’s our mission to assist and place people into jobs that will be a best fit for the employer and the employee, ultimately supporting a company with fulfilling their needs while giving someone a chance to get back into, or advance further within, the workforce.

Industries We Serve

Many of our job-seeking participants enroll in various training and certification programs that have been strategically developed to support the needs of employers in our community. We have trained workers who are available for positions in:

Accounting & Finance
Call Center
Custodial Maintenance
Document Archiving
Food Services
Forklift Operation
Health Care
Hospitality Services
Management Positions
Retail & Customer Service
Warehouse Operations

It’s good business for you, our participants and our community.
Contact Matt Gloster at 615-346-1292 to become an business partner today.