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When you give your gently used items to Goodwill, you’re not only freeing up space in your home, you’re helping us give thousands of people the opportunity to receive education, training and employment services to better their lives. Find a Donation Express Center near you!

Your donations may be tax-deductible. If desired, download a receipt here and record your donations for tax purposes.

Did you know? Monetary donations are essential to supporting our mission of changing lives. Every dollar we receive helps us to provide free education, training and employment services to about 11,000 people each year. Please consider giving today. All gifts are tax-deductible. 

To donate through the mail, please make the checks payable to Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. Mail to: Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, 937 Herman St., Nashville, TN 37208

Donation Services & Programs

Pickup Services

Donation Drives

Vehicle Donations

  • Guidelines For Donating

  • Your donations of new and gently-used items support our mission of changing lives through education, training and employment. We ask that all donated items be clean and in working order.


    • Donate only during our regular operating hours. An attendant will be on duty to help you unload your donations and give you a donation tax receipt.
    • Follow the One-year Rule: If you haven’t worn it, used it or played it in one year, give it to Goodwill.
    • Goodwill does not repair broken items, and the disposal of those items takes away much-needed funds from our mission. A good rule of thumb is: If you would give it to a friend, you could give it to Goodwill.
    • Donation attendants must decline recalled items or donations that cannot be sold because of quality concerns. (The lists below provide examples of items Goodwill can and cannot accept).
    • To claim a yearly tax deduction, download our electronic donation receipt online here or ask the attendant for a paper receipt each time you donate. Based on IRS regulations, it’s up to donors to document the value of their donations.

If you recently made a donation, visit My Goodwill Donation and sign up to start tracking and assigning a value to all your donations. Come tax time, all the donations you made throughout the year will be in one convenient place for easy access and printing.

Items We Accept

• Appliances
• Artwork
• Bed Sets (headboards, rails)
• Books
• Clothing
• Electronics

• Exercise Equipment
• Furniture
• Housewares & Décor
• Jewelry & Accessories
• Jogging Strollers
• Kitchenwares

• Linens
• Media Items (CD’s, DVD’s, etc.)
• Musical Instruments
• Printers/Copiers
• Sporting Goods
• Rugs

• Toiletries (New)
• Tools
• Toys
• TV’s (Flat Screen Only)
• Vehicles
• Walkers/Wheel Chairs/Crutches

Items We Cannot Accept

Air conditioners/heaters (portable units OK)

Automotive parts

Building and construction materials (including windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, carpeting, plumbing fixtures)

Bulk Office Furniture

Chemicals, hazardous materials, paints, and all compressed gases

Computer monitors (flat screens accepted)

Baby furniture, including cribs, car seats, high chairs and potty chairs.

Electronic Medical Equipment

Food/beverages (including alcohol)

Furniture that is broken, damaged, or stained.

Hospital beds/waterbeds

Large corporate-style furniture (including L- and U-shaped desks, conference tables and dividers/cubicles)

Mattresses, box springs, sleeper sofas, futon cushions and bed pillows

Outdoor playground and pool equipment (including hot tubs, swing sets)


Pool Tables (Standard Size)

Tube/box-shaped televisions (including projection TVs and floor models)

Weapons / Ammunition

Wet/soiled items (including those with pet hair or mold)

Accepting items that cannot be sold in our stores creates an added cost for Goodwill and hinders our ability to fund our mission of changing lives through education, training and employment. We ask that all donated items be in working order and in good, clean condition since Goodwill cannot repair or refurbish donated items.

For the nearest recycling center, please contact your local waste management authorities.