Goodwill gives back to the community with Goodwill Cares, a program available to help individuals and families that are in need of clothing, furniture or other household items under certain circumstances. Goodwill gives gift cards, which can be used at any Goodwill retail store in middle or west Tennessee, to our neighbors who have experienced a recent hardship. This includes, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • Homelessness
  • Domestic violence
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters
  • Foster care

In addition, Goodwill works with numerous nonprofits, schools and organizations which may request gift cards for their clients.


In order to receive a gift card through the Goodwill Cares program, the requestor must submit supporting documentation from a case manager, social worker, probation officer or supporting agency. A supporting agency could be a church or synagogue, nonprofit organization, school or transitional living facility. Please remember, the supporting documentation must be in hand in order to submit an application for a Goodwill Cares gift card.

Documentation may be submitted via fax, mail, or brought to Goodwill’s community relations office at 1000 Herman Street, Nashville, Tennessee, 37208. Once the information is received at Goodwill, the application will be reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the qualifications. The process normally takes three to five business days. The requestor may pick up the gift card at Goodwill’s community relations office at 1000 Herman Street, or request that it be sent by mail.

Please Remember: Goodwill Cares and Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee are unable to assist with rent, utilities, food or cash distributions. Goodwill Cares can only provide items that are available in our stores. For instance, if an applicant needs a refrigerator or vehicle, we will not be able to assist.

Contact Goodwill Cares
with questions or if you know someone in need of assistance.

1000 Herman Street Nashville, TN 37208
Contact: Katina Bean |
Phone: (615) 346-1262

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