A Good Day at Lipscomb Elementary

robert-at-lipscombWhen many people in Middle and West Tennessee think of Goodwill, they think of Robert. For years now, he has been featured in Goodwill commercials. However, the Goodwill employee is best known for the commercial featuring him singing “It’s a Good Day Today.”

That song has become a theme of sorts for Ms. Gilliland’s Kindergarten class at Lipscomb Elementary. “We start each morning singing it loud and with actions,” said Ms. Gilliland. “It’s a great way to begin the day.”

Ms. Gilliland says she gets calls in the evenings and on the weekends when the students see the commercial. “We just love him,” she said.

Robert has worked at Goodwill’s downtown Nashville processing facility for six years and has never let his blindness be an obstacle. “The more you give, the more it is returned to you. It is just powerful. Love is powerful,” he said.

Watch Robert’s visit with the class:

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