Robert G.’s Story

RobertGSpend a little time talking with Robert and you’ll want to see the world the way he does. Cataracts took his sight from him when he was seven years old, but he has not let losing his sight stop him from achieving his goals and doing what he loves.

Robert works in one of Goodwill’s downtown warehouses hanging clothes. He loves his job, and he also loves to sing.

Robert started singing in church when he was eight years old. His talents were recognized by others at Goodwill, and in 2011, he was featured in a Goodwill commercial singing a 30 second jingle he wrote called “It’s a Good Day Today.” Robert says, “I came up with a tune that could be easily remembered. It’s a nice little jingle, I must say.”

Robert’s shining moment came February when he visited a Lipscomb Elementary kindergarten class who had been singing his jingle all year long.  Robert walked into the classroom singing his song, and then the kids got their chance to sing with their idol. For the next hour and a half, Robert told stories about his singing, Goodwill and his visual impairment.

Robert dreams of having a singing career one day. In the meantime, he is content with singing at work and hearing the nice comments from his co-workers who support him each and every day.  Says Robert, “Singing is something that is within me. It gives me joy, and I love to share it with others.”

And Robert will tell you he is just as passionate about Goodwill as he is singing. “Goodwill is a place that touches and changes lives,” he says. “I love Goodwill, and I enjoy working here.”

Watch Robert’s story:

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