Been Green: Good for our community

Going Green is a natural state for Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee. If you think about it, what we do everyday in this organization is the process of recycling. The goods we receive in donations still have another cycle-of-use directly into the homes of our retail customers, recycling from one home to our store to another home. Apparel and household goods that have the potential of ending up in the landfill after just a single family’s use now have a chance of being used again. Whether it is moving a product to continue the cycle-of-use into another home or recycling the raw elements which will be used to create another product, it is all recycling. It’s good for Goodwill and good for our community.

For that we must first salute our donors for engaging, not only in a donation to provide us with the funds necessary to fulfill our mission, but also actively participating in extending the cycle-of-use of a product.

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