Career Scoop: Attitude is Everything

Kate Kiefling, Career Solutions Trainer

The orientation for our new Opportunities for Ex-Offenders class series here at Goodwill Career Solutions is titled “Attitude Is Everything.” Many job seekers come to the class with wonderful positive attitudes. They clearly have done some soul searching and take responsibility of their past. They are willing to do whatever it takes to find a better future, including sitting through yet another potentially boring class. They have learned about what kinds of events can trigger destructive thoughts and attitudes. They are leaders willing to help others over some attitude hurdles. They see the big picture and are already on their way to employment success!

Then again, it is heartbreaking when job seekers honestly share opinions about themselves “I have made too many mistakes in life” or “Nobody will hire me because of my criminal record.”

When these kinds of destructive messages play in our heads repeating negative self-images to ourselves over and over again, throughout the day, week, month or year, they sadly may become self-fulfilling prophecies. If these are our thoughts, how likely are we to have a positive attitude toward the job search process?

In the class, we invite job seekers to compose new, positive and hopefully healing self-images for themselves. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Although I am an ex-offender, somebody will hire me!
  • I may need to work harder to get a job, but once I get one, I am willing to prove myself!
  • I am not my past, I look to the future!
  • I have learned from my mistakes.
  • I am willing to learn new skills and attitudes.
  • I am willing to make a positive change.
  • I am worthy of a good job.
  • I am able to handle rejection, bounce back, and continue my job search.
  • It is their loss. They are missing out on a great worker!

We can sometimes be our own worst enemy. Our thoughts about the world of work, about the job search process and especially about ourselves will have an effect.

Now, can you afford the luxury of a negative thought?

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