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D Movement: Need a reason to clear out the clutter…

Karl Houston, Senior Director of Marketing & Community Relations

The fall fashion magazines are on the newsstands, enticing you to shop for new sweaters and slacks, shoes and stocking fillers. Now that we’re heading towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, the ads will keep coming and you’ll be tempted, very tempted, to stock your closets.  But chances are your closets are already bulging and you know it’s time to do a fall clearance at home.

Spend a little time clearing the clutter to make room for all those new items that you’ll be giving or getting as gifts this holiday.  Where to give your gently-used items is a much easier decision than which outfit to splurge on for the company party. Give it to Goodwill.  Better yet, shop for that outfit at any of our stores. Goodwill is one of the hippest shopping spots with many items that are barely used and prices that are easy on the holiday-stretched wallet.  We offer gift cards as well.

So, as you plan your holiday shopping keeping this in mind.  When you donate to Goodwill, or shop at one of our 31 stores, you support an organization that helps individuals with disabilities and disadvantages find jobs and regain their self-esteem. Thanks to you, more than 87 cents of every dollar goes to our program services.  Free services.  That’s a great gift to give.

For more information on where or what to donate, visit us at giveit2goodwill.org.  As always, thank you for thinking of Goodwill because our business is changing lives.  And if you’d like to share a story with us, please comment here.

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