Do-It-Yourself: Repurposing With A Purpose!

Goodwill participated in the first-ever Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair in Nashville on Nov. 5. The event, an exhibition and sales of handmade goods from independent artists, included numerous repurposed, upcycled and do-it-yourself objects.

At the Goodwill booth, Goodwill Donation Specialists Jamie Goss and Suzanne Fletcher demonstrated for visitors how to make a custom chalkboard from an old baby crib and how to make a coffee table or foot stool from used luggage.

More and more people are discovering that Goodwill is a terrific place to search for items and materials for upcycling or DIY projects. Not only can they enjoy a handmade, personalized item that is beautiful, useful or both, they get the satisfaction of knowing they also helped people in need of work and helped the environment by shopping for used items at Goodwill.


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Inexpensive ways to repurpose merchandise found at Goodwill:

Recycle a Goodwill T-shirt into a  shopping bag or a baby bib

Turn a vintage wedding dress into a maxi skirt or cocktail dress

Use wool sweaters with colorful printed patterns to create warm mittens

Makeover a pair of shoes with rhinestones, fabric embellishments, glitter or paint

Turn thrifted furniture into a statement piece with a bright coat of paint or new upholstery

Cut out and arrange pieces of colorful printed women’s blouses to create a fabric collage

Add accents to your home with mason jars, picture frames, vases and glassware

Create a unique costume with mixed and matched items from Goodwill for next Halloween

Upcycle an old pair of jeans into an apron, shorts or a pillow cover

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