Goodwill Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

Goodwill celebrates this time by honoring the people we employ who have a disability and those we serve who are engaged in the process of finding a job. Since January 2013, we’ve served 173 people with disabilities, and we’ve employed 119 people who happen to have a physical, mental or emotional disability. We do this through Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Services program.

The Transitional Employment Services program connects candidates who have a disability to jobs at Goodwill and with other employers that can accommodate limitations. Sometimes a candidate needs to sit rather than stand, be in a workstation that accommodates a wheelchair or schedule work time around doctors’ appointments. Or a candidate may need a job with only one or two tasks that they can do successfully. When we make these accommodations, we feel we honor each candidate’s true abilities and desire to work.

A disability does not define a person. One’s own abilities, drive and passion define the person. We help people identify their abilities, their passions and their interests to succeed at their highest level.

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