LaDonis’s Story

It isn’t always easy to find a client who is comfortable on camera. Most of the time, we don’t take into account how well a client will “perform” before we shoot video of them. The success story is too good to pass up, no matter the client’s on-camera presence.

When we first sat down with LaDonis Churchwell, we didn’t know whether or not he’d be a strong interview. All we knew was that his success with Goodwill was inspirational. Upon review of the footage, however, it was obvious that LaDonis was not comfortable on camera in a formal interview setting. It was nearly impossible to find usable soundbites from the raw footage.

This was a problem, but the solution was already obvious. If LaDonis wasn’t comfortable in a formal interview setting, then we would put him in an environment he was comfortable in: his work environment in our Mt. View store.

You can see from the video below that LaDonis had no problem opening up and talking about his work day with us when we visited him at work. Not only does it make for better video, it also shows everyone how a day’s work can have a positive effect on someone’s life.

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    Thank you for the work you do.. Keep up the good work.

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