Springing into Spring Cleaning

Spring is springing – and that means it’s time to throw open the windows, clean everything, and clear out the clutter.

If you’re feeling the stranglehold of too much ‘stuff’ and unsure what to keep,  there’s an easy way to lose the excess baggage.  Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet, suggests prioritizing when you decide it’s time to clear the clutter and give yourself breathing room.  It’s as simple as A, B, C, D!

A items – Used frequently, even daily
B items – Used often, weekly or monthly
C items – Used rarely or seasonally
D items – Never or seldom used – time to donate!

(Not sure where to start? Goodwill is in need of your gently-used clothes, shoes and books.)

Dieting is always easier with a support group.  Our community relations manager, Natisha Moultry, has some tips for organizing a neighborhood donation drive:

  • Select a date and time for your drive. Most neighborhoods coordinate the donation drive with their community-wide yard sale or cleanup.
  • Inform all residents that Goodwill will be in your neighborhood. Even residents that are not participating in the yard sale may have items they want to donate.
  • Find a central location for the Goodwill truck that is convenient to everyone in the neighborhood. The pool or clubhouse areas normally make great spots for the donation drive
  • Post information about the donation drive on your neighborhood’s website or send out an email blast through your home owners association.
  • Inform residents that all donations to Goodwill are 100% tax deductible and an attendant will be on duty to issue donation receipts.

Get a start on spring cleaning and give someone the gift of job services!  For more information about starting a neighborhood donation drive, e-mail Natisha or call (615) 742-4151.

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