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Yazoo’s Goodwill Glass Nights: No Trivial Matter

An eco-friendly partnership pairing locally brewed Yazoo beers with funky glassware from Goodwill is back, but this time it’s tapping into Nashville’s passion for trivial — and philanthropic — pursuits.

Beginning in mid-May, Yazoo will turn weekly trivia nights at numerous Nashville neighborhood bars into Goodwill Glass Nights. Patrons who purchase a Yazoo pint at the roughly 20 participating bars on these special nights, hosted by Trivia Time, will have it served in a quirky glass purchased from Goodwill.

Yazoo Sales and Marketing Manager Neil McCormick explained that breweries frequently sponsor bar “pint nights,” in which they give away branded glasses with the purchase of a pint of beer. But Yazoo officials wanted to approach the idea in a way that is environmentally friendly and gives back to the community while still making good business sense.

So they turned to Goodwill, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that not only provides training and jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, it also keeps tens of millions of pounds of valuable materials out of the landfill each year. Goodwill achieves all this by selling donated items — including glassware — at bargain prices in its stores and by conducting an aggressive recycling program.

Yazoo first tested its concept three years ago during its annual Embrace the Funk festival. They went to Goodwill and bought hundreds of different, unusual glasses — one for each festival-goer. Combined with Yazoo beer, the drinkware became a powerful conversation starter, McCormick said.

“It was ridiculous — so stupid it was fun,” he said. “Everybody loved drinking out of a flower vase, a Carnival Cruise chalice, a martini glass or whatever. Our customers get it — anything to break the monotony and not do the same thing everybody else is doing.”

On Goodwill Glass Nights, each unique, Yazoo-filled glass will come with a sticker informing the customer that $1 of their purchase benefits Goodwill’s mission of changing lives through education, training and employment and is helping preserve the environment.

“Instead of just telling people we are recycling, we are showing them,” McCormick said. “By having that glass in their hands, they will see how easy it is to keep resources out of the dumpster and to be sustainable.”

McCormick noted there was another reason he personally was motivated to partner with Goodwill.

“I’m a huge fan,” he said. “Whenever you walk into a Goodwill to buy something and Goodwill team members are so helpful and thank you for helping them have a job — it just really motivates you to do more of that.”

Specific dates, times and locations for Goodwill Glass Night trivia events will be announced through Yazoo’s social media channels.

Watch for Goodwill Glass Night trivia dates, times and locations on Yazoo’s social media channels: 



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