D Movement: Project Organize – Kick the clutter to the curb!

By Tanna Clark, Complete Organizing Solutions

Enter to Win Project Organize!

Let the yard sale season begin! As the cooler weather approaches it’s time to kick the clutter to the curb, with price tags of course!

This is the best time of year to get your house back in order after the busy days of summer, and to prepare for the upcoming holidays. The best way to do that is to declutter. It’s time to take a walk through the house room-by-room to gather all of those items you no longer use or love.

In order to have a successful yard sale here are a few tips:

1. Team with your neighbors. A community yard sale gets much more traffic than a solo sale. Pitch in with your neighbors to put a larger ad in the paper.

2. Price as you declutter. You can buy a pack of pre-labeled stickers with yard sale prices already printed.on them.

3. Set-up the night before. Prepare household items and clothing the night before the sale, preferably in the garage. Move the tables closer to the street the morning of the sale.

4. Get the kids involved. Our most successful yard sale was one in which we had the kids set up a table selling cookies we baked the day before. Cookies are a perfect snack for your shoppers and it drives in more traffic!

The most important clutter-fighting rule is to not let it back in. Once your sale is over pack it all up and head to your local Goodwill donation location or store. All too often we let the clutter back in to take care of it later and later never comes. Take care of it now in order to benefit a greater cause.

Good luck and have fun!

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